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Eseosa Edebiri is a multimedia artist and activist with an emphasis in fiber and social practice.

Edebiri’s work explores her existence within a black body and the many facets of gender, race, and religion colliding. She has been developing tools for navigating life in predominantly white spaces since childhood; these ways of existing manifest throughout her practice as an artist and as a living being. From code switching to assimilation she did what she needed to survive as the child of Nigerian immigrants; like her parents and countless others before her she discovered just how much of her heritage and way of life was expected to compromise for the "American Dream".


Edebiri intends to tell her story as well as create representation for those around her whose identities are often compromised. Through various forms of making, such as weaving and print making she works with mark making, text in the form of a woven banner, or crafting a representational image of those within her personal communities using a combination of digital and handmade processes. With these pieces she aims to bridge the gap between academia and the spoken words of those within, and outside of these spaces. These pieces are then taken out in protest, performance, or are set into a staged image. Street harassment, mental health, physical ability, and inherent femininity all play into her own personal character and artistic practice.


Broadly speaking, her work challenges her oppressors through fibers, performance, and social practice. She strives to insert her work onto the white walls of a gallery, while not leaving behind the importance of community based art spaces. Edebiri finds that there is an importance to the representation of Black and Brown bodies in these spaces. While these pieces reinforce a serious need for representation, there is a more whimsical side to this work at times. These images are a often of those dear to her being their most true selves and that may be caught mid laugh or in a captured playful pose; These serve to represent the community in life and happiness.