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Akugbe; Iyobọ Reaching, 
handmade latch hook rug, 
3 x 4.5 ft

Kia Kukpe /Coming Together handmade latch hook rug, ~5 x 6 ft 2021

Akugbe; No Re Eha “Unity of Trinity” – Encompassing Togetherness
handmade latch hook rug,4 x 5.5 ft 2019

At the time I graduated I was feeling the loss of some of the connections I had made due to friends and colleauges leaving the city we went to school in. I created the first peace in response to these feelings in what I thought would be a single piece. These feelings evolved throughout the pandemic in response to the hardships being faced throughout the world. The work has since traveled to different cities and I foresee myself continuing the work in the near future

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