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Black and Bruised 2016
This is a call to rage. This isn’t an ill informed outcry from college students- we are concerned with the state of America at large. Black bodies are abused on a regular basis throughout our nation and at a school that prides itself on progressive thinking, diversity, and advocacy- we are at a stalemate in America and our immediate community. Black and Bruised was started by students LaAndrea Deloyce Mitchell, Eseosa Ekiawowo Edebiri, and Jada-Amina Harvey after several semesters of tears, fighting, and pleading we had to take a stand. Black and Bruised is more than a t-shirt campaign, it is meant to signal a disruption and ignite the will of our peers and administration out of complacency and denial. We have been disappointed year after year by our community’s dismissive and flagrant abuse of black bodies. Join us in raging against inequality, racism, discrimination, and intimidation on SAIC's campus. Help us hold administration accountable for the crimes against black students that happen within the arc of this institution by sharing and drawing attention to these issues by creating conversation and dialogue.We invite allies to follow our lead in challenging the many systems that contribute to the oppression of black bodies here and everywhere. If you’d like to be further involved message us and start a conversation

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